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Animal Nutrition Products


Acid-Pak 4-Way® is a unique combination of buffered acidifiers, lactic acid-producing bacteria, enzymes and electrolytes.


Actigen® is a second-generation, unique bioactive product derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, selected by Alltech and isolated to create

All-G Rich

All-G Rich is algae grown in a closed and controlled system.

Allzyme® SSF

Allzyme® SSF is a complex that improves profitability by maximizing nutrient release.


AMAIZE® encourages ruminal digestion for better nutrient utilization, supporting rumen development while enhancing ruminant productivity.


Aquate will optimize growth and optimize digestive function.


Bio-Mos® plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.

Bio-Mos® 2

Bio-Mos 2 focuses on supporting animal performance by promoting good bacteria, building immune defenses and maximizing growth and efficiency.


Bioplex® offers a range of trace minerals that provide mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible.

Blueprint RUMAGEN®

Blueprint RUMAGEN® is a unique rumen feed technology designed to feed both fibre and starch digesting bacteria resulting in optimal microbial protein synthesis.


De-Odorase® is derived from the yucca plant and binds ammonia.


DEMP® is a revolutionary microbial protein technology designed to provide a unique, high quality protein source that delivers a complete array of essential amino acids to the dairy cow.


Economase™ is a proprietary blend of ingredients that maximizes and maintains the antioxidant status of the animal.


EPNIX® is a targeted, two-phase nutritional approach to support the dressed weight and dressing percentage of feedlot cattle.


Guardian™ is Alltech’s newest technology, aiming at improving the safety of animal feed and its components.


Guardicate™ is Alltech’s newest technology, aiming at improving the safety of animal feed and its components.

Integral® A+

Integral® A+ is a nutritional technology with proven efficacy to support herd health and performance. The hydrolyzed yeast-based solution helps cattle achieve their true potential.

Lifeforce Formula®

Lifeforce Formula® is a daily nutritional supplement that consists of more than 30 years of Alltech’s scientifically proven, fully traceable technologies.


Mold-Zap® is designed to inhibit mold growth, to retain dry matter and nutrients, for less top spoilage and it is also designed for less deterioration (dry matter loss).

Mycosorb A+

Mycosorb A+ is the next generation of mycotoxin binder, offering superior binding capabilities, a broader adsorption profile and increased efficacy.


A patented protozoan-controlling agent, containing plant extracts, essential oils, yeast carbohydrates and organic minerals.


A concentrated, natural source of highly digestible and functional nutrients to support the early stages of l


Optigen® is Alltech's non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source for ruminants. It concentrates the nitrogen fraction of the diet, creating dry matter space for more fiber and energy.


Sel-Plex® is supplied in a form that can be readily stored in tissues because of similarities between methionine and selenomethionine that are interchangeable during protein synthesis.

Select GH®

Select GH® is a blend of Alltech's technologies formed to support proper microbial profile and target complete gut health and stability. Select GH®:

Shrimp Pak 604

Shrimp Pak 604 is a 4-in-1 immunity enhancer which supports the immune system to fight stress and reduce disease risk, binds pathogenic bacteria and reduces environmental impact.


Synergen is a product of the solid state fermentation of Aspergillus niger.


A proprietary blend of fatty acid, prebiotic components and readily available minerals from Alltech.


Yea-Sacc® is a yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 1026, a strain specifically selected for its influence on animal performance.