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Alltech Young Scientist

The Alltech Young Scientist (AYS) competition began in 2005 as an expression of Dr. Pearse Lyons’ passion for curiosity and innovation within education. As a scientist, he understood the challenges of research and the excitement that comes with breakthroughs that could solve real problems.

Alltech Innovation Competition

The Alltech Innovation Competition started in 2013 in Kentucky and Ireland, and challenges undergraduate and graduate university teams to develop forward-thinking business plans on innovative ideas in animal nutrition, crop science, food, and brewing and distilling that will improve local economies.

Alltech Career Development

The Alltech Career Development Program is an excellent opportunity for highly motivated, recent graduates who want to jumpstart an incredible career.


Curiosity – the spark of innovation – is innate in children, so we believe it is never too early to begin to kindle their natural interest in science, where food comes from and more. As we endeavor to inspire young dreams, Alltech fosters creativity through a "show and tell" learning culture.