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Poultry health and nutrition

Poultry supplements and feed additives for maximum performance and efficiency

Products and services, backed by science, to help you solve your toughest challenges, like:

At Alltech, our feed additives work to solve your toughest challenges.

Alltech’s nutritional feed additives are backed by science and real customer success. Whether you’re looking to fix a problem with an issue like gut health or are interested in combating mycotoxins, increasing feed efficiency, improving pre-harvest food safety or even just getting a little extra support, Alltech’s full line of products and services is proven to deliver profitable results. With Alltech, you can:

  •  Expect cost savings and better efficiency
  •  Increase flock health and performance
  •  Enjoy more time to do what you want

Alltech improves performance and efficiency for several types of birds.

Alltech services can help you with your toughest challenges.

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Poultry health and nutrition products


Sel-Plex® is Alltech’s proprietary organic form of selenium yeast. It is an excellent dietary source of selenium, designed to help animals better meet their genetic potential.


Actigen® is a safe and traceable technology developed through nutrigenomics that helps animals of all species to thrive and reach their genetic potential.

Allzyme® SSF

Allzyme SSF® is a feed enzyme that maximizes feed efficiency by targeting different substrates in the diet while also reducing its environmental footprint.

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