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Alltech Crop Science

Natural, proven solutions formulated to enhance crop health and maximize crop productivity.

Alltech Crop Science provides natural-based solutions to support your crops' needs at every stage of production:

Committed to helping your crops reach their full potential.

Great challenges call for great solutions. That’s our promise to you - to provide innovative, reliable, sustainable biological solutions to combat everyday agronomic challenges that occur in the soil, in the environment and in the plant.

Here's how we're driving sustainable crop production forward:

Products and Solutions That Work for You and Your Crops

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I see Alltech as part of the innovation movement. Their products are unique. When we compare others to the Alltech products, the others don’t even come close."

- John Perry, Simplot Grower Solutions, USA

"Most of our customers are requiring us to control residues, and the Alltech products can greatly contribute to that... My experience with Alltech’s solutions helped me increase orchard production and the quality of my fruit. I am very pleased with my experience with them."

- Carlos Maurício, Painho, Portugal

"Since I started using Alltech Crop Science products, it’s been incredibly helpful with soil regeneration. We see improvement in each soil level year after year."

- Santiago Gonzalez Garcia, Agropecuária Maifra, Spain

"Alltech solutions are great. They allow for an earlier maturation, which allows me to deliver the product earlier to the factory in greater quantity and, thus, have an increased profit."

- Telmo Cristina

"Alltech has helped me greatly with the production of our products (citrus trees). Crop-Set it one of my favorites. It carries nutrients into the plant faster, root development; you can spray it and, within a day, go back and see real fine hair feeder roots."

- Scott Green, W.E. Green and Sons

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Alltech Crop Science USA Products


SOIL-SET includes specific bacterial metabolites and natural enzymatic compounds that aid in healthy root development and plant growth while optimizing soil microbial populations.


CONTRIBUTE SR is a microbial inoculant consisting of beneficial live cultures specially selected to optimize the soil microbiome, improve soil structure and bolster root development and plant vigor.


A liquid mixture containing 50% amino acids obtained from organic yeast cells. Complexing with amino acids improves bioavailability of fertilizers and minerals in tank mixes, and provides a source of nitrogen and carbon.

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