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Enhance Plant Processes

Even before germination, a seed contains all of the genes that determine a plant’s full genetic potential. However, just because a seed has the capacity to perform does not mean it will. Stresses, nutrient limitations and hormone imbalances can permanently reduce gene expression throughout the growing cycle, limiting crop and yield productivity.

Alltech Crop Science applies nutrigenomic research to help plants achieve their full genetic potential.  

Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition affects the process of gene expression. By no means are we altering genes; we’re simply looking to see how a plant naturally responds to various nutrients, compounds and stimuli. Seeing how plants react to these situations on a genetic level allows us to optimize plant function and health. Ultimately, we’re helping boost the performance of crops by understanding their natural responses to their environment.

We do this by looking at gene chips, which allows researchers to compare the effects that various nutrient packages have on plant gene expression.

Knowing which genes are being up-regulated or down-regulated offers a window into understanding changes in growth and performance. Analysis of this information provides important clues about how to further optimize plant function and health.

For example, recently, our nutrigenomics research team measured an up-regulation of genes involved in auxin production in maize plants treated by Alltech Crop Science solutions. Auxin is a plant hormone involved in cell multiplication and elongation.

What this means for you and your farm:

  • Optimized growth
  • Increased marketable yield
  • Resistance to plant stress
  • Better use of nutrients