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Microbial Metabolites

Healthy soil, defined as soil that has a high organic matter content, good biodiversity and high nutrient availability, provides an excellent basis for optimized crop health and production. Maintaining healthy soil can decrease the number of inputs that a grower needs to use, since many of the crop’s nutritional requirements are already supplied through the soil. This increased nutrient availability in the soil can also help plants to develop stronger roots and become naturally more resistant to environmental stressors. However, after seasons of use, soils can become depleted of these key elements, leading to losses in quality and yield.

To keep soil healthy and thriving, Alltech Crop Science has turned to the powerful world of our invisible allies — microbes.

Alltech Crop Science selects and grows specific bacterial strains that are naturally found in healthy soils. In stressful situations, these bugs produce metabolites to protect themselves and modify their environment. Alltech Crop Science extracts these metabolites, which play a key role in the balance of the microbial ecosystem and the interaction between soil microbes and roots.

By utilizing Alltech Crop Science products enriched with microbial metabolites, the soil is receiving not only necessary nutrition but molecules that are able to stimulate their environment, creating a less competitive environment for beneficial microbes to flourish. Healthy microbial populations help create a strong symbiotic relationship between the soil, roots and plant, leading to improved crop health and productivity.

What this means for you and your farm:

  • Enhanced root growth and health
  • Increased availability of nutrients
  • Better resistance to environmental stresses
  • Better crop yields