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Plants face a constant variety of biotic stresses that can result in diminished productivity and quality.  For generations, farmers have used pesticides and other synthetic chemistries to protect their crops; however, as the demand for sustainable management practices increases, farmers have had to incorporate new technologies into their management programs to help optimize plant performance.

Nutrigenomic research reveals the close connection between plant nutrition and natural plant defenses. By providing essential nutrients and unique microbial components, plants can better defend themselves, contributing to sustainable crop production by reducing the need for conventional pesticides.

Let’s break it down:

What is nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition affects the process of gene expression. By no means are we altering genes; we’re simply looking to see how a plant responds to various nutrients, compounds and stimuli. Learning how plants react to these situations on a genetic level allows us to optimize plant function and health. Ultimately, we’re helping boost the performance of crops by understanding their natural responses to their environment.

How does this technology help you and your farm?

To put it simply, we want your crops to have every advantage possible to combat the many stresses they face during the growth cycle. Nutrigenomics allows us to assess the genetic performance of your crop before it encounters these stressful situations, showing us how your crop will react and what we can do to help elicit optimal performance from your crops’ genetic mechanisms. It’s a proactive approach to optimizing crop performance.

Naturally strengthen plant defenses

When a plant is stressed or under attack, its various chemical defense responses are initiated. These frontline defenses can be maintained at a low level through the use of specially targeted crop nutrition, leading to optimal quality and yield while reducing the need for corrective pesticide intervention later in the season.

These technologies leave no synthetic residues and can be used in fields either alone or in combination with conventional chemicals. Alternating applications of these products with conventional fungicides has been shown to successfully reduce the need for overall chemical controls, contributing to the development of sustainable agriculture.

Nutrigenomic protection

Strengthened by nutrigenomic research, Alltech Crop Science’s protection range supports crops’ natural resistance, giving plants the capacity to defend themselves against environmental stresses and pests.