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Nutrition and enzymes to fortify plants’ own natural defenses.

Help your crops defend themselves. Based on Alltech’s nutrigenomics research on Saccharomyces cerevisiae SP.1026, AGRO-MOS provides the nutrition essential for plants’ natural defenses. Well-nourished plants have more effective defense systems that can readily respond to shifting stresses.


  • Improves plant vitality in the face of external stresses through precise nutrition.
  • Nutrients unlock the plant's own defenses.
  • Complements pest management programs while avoiding synthetic residues.
  • AGRO-MOS is OMRI Listed in the USA for use in organic crop production by Improcrop USA. Must not be used as a defoliant, herbicide, or desiccant. Micronutrient deficiency must be documented by soil or tissue testing or other documented and verifiable method as approved by a certifying agent.
Protection gene

Alltech’s nutrigenomic research investigates how plant gene expression is influenced by nutrients and other bioactive compounds. Agro-Mos supports the gene expression associated with healthy plant defenses.

protection copper

Agro-Mos includes copper, an essential plant nutrient commonly used in pest management programs. Copper is involved in many biochemical functions, including photosynthesis and respiration.


protection leaf

Agro-Mos helps plants proactively prime their own natural defenses, allowing them to react more quickly and effectively to plant stress conditions.

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