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Feed additives to improve pig nutrition

Pig feed supplements for maximum performance and efficiency

Our unique line of specialty ingredients helps you maintain a profitable pig production and enhances swine diets.

Our solutions, which work to address problems like diarrhea, mycotoxins, growth performance and pig litter, are backed by over 40 years of research and real customer success.

Alltech improves performance and efficiency at each stage of life.

Whether you're raising nursery pigs, sows or boars, our swine nutrition products deliver proven results and boost pig performance for pork producers globally.

Alltech services can help you with your toughest challenges.

Customer stories

"Doing antibiotic-free production from birth to market in a purebred setting of over 500 sows has proved to be a real challenge. But with the help of Alltech technology and products, we have been able to not only meet this challenge, but produce more efficiently than we have done in the past."

- Everett Forkner, owner, Forkner Farms, Inc., Missouri, USA

"Alltech has helped me a lot with pig nutrition. Compared with other vendors, the nutrient content in Alltech’s products is higher and more economical in the long run."

- Chang Ching Yuan, owner, LongFeng Farm, Taiwan

"Alltech dedicates a lot to their products and technology. I started using Alltech products a few months ago, and the performance meets my expectations so far."

- Su Peng, owner, Central Swine Farm, Taiwan

"Since the establishment of our company in 2000, we have been using Alltech’s Mycosorb. During that time, we also tried another company’s products for 1 to 2 years. When problems such as vulva swelling of the sows and decline of immunity happened, we switched to Alltech products again."

- Tujiangfu, manager, Xinxin Pig Breeding Company, China

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Complementary products


Bioplex® minerals are trace minerals that are bound to amino acids and a range of peptides. They are easily absorbed and readily metabolized, optimizing animal performance.


Sel-Plex® is Alltech’s proprietary organic form of selenium yeast. It is an excellent dietary source of selenium, designed to help animals better meet their genetic potential.


Guardian® is a non-formaldehyde technology that uses a synergistic blend of organic acids and essential oils to optimize feed safety and support a farm's greater biosecurity program.

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