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What’s important during this life stage?

  • Semen quality
  • Boar productivity

Common challenges:

  • Boar infertility and reduced semen quality: Boars that get stressed will produce less sperm per ejaculate.
  • Heat stress: Heat stress can cause negative issues with semen quality, resulting in ejaculates with an increased number of abnormal cells.
  • Mycotoxins in feed: Mycotoxins in feed cause detrimental health challenges that affect boar productivity and semen quality.

Tips for maximizing health and performance: 

  • Provide antioxidants and minerals that are better absorbed in order to increase mineral reserves.
  • Overall semen quality can decrease due to seasonal and temperature effects, especially during the summer months. Equip barns with cool cells, fans, sprinklers or other cooling devices.
  • Regularly test feed for mycotoxins.
  • Implement a sound biosecurity program to protect the health status of the boar herd.