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Optimizing gut health for young pigs with Levelset

June 5, 2024
Optimizing gut health for young pigs with Levelset

Producers in today’s pork industry face a myriad of difficulties and restrictions in raising pigs successfully, and the health challenges we are presently faced with are a major part of that list. On top of that, the discourse surrounding antibiotic use continues to evolve, driven by supply chain disruptions, increasing consumer demand for antibiotic-free products, and a heightened perception of antibiotic resistance in barn infections. As good stewards of animal health, it is imperative that we preserve the efficacy of existing therapies while ensuring that our pigs receive the highest standard of care.

One proven way to support animal health on multiple fronts without the need for preventive antibiotics is to support one of the animal’s main natural defenses: a healthy gut microbiome, where beneficial bacteria thrive and where pathogenic bacteria are prevented from gaining a foothold. The gut is one of the first portals of entry into the body for many things, so maintaining a healthy microbiome builds a firm foundation for overall health and well-being that extends beyond the intestinal tract. 

Alltech’s robust portfolio offers various solutions and services to promote optimal gut health and growth performance. Cultivation of a healthy gut closely follows the principles we also follow in good crop production. At Alltech, we believe in the strategy of “Seed, Feed, Weed” to accomplish this: 

  • Seed the animal’s gut with organisms favorable to promoting good health
  • Feed the gut to boost and balance those organisms to allow them to flourish
  • Weed out potentially harmful organisms  

Our swine team is constantly evaluating evolving needs and trends in pig production, and new technologies for gut health remain at the forefront for our product development strategies. The newest innovation is a product we call Levelset™, which builds on such time-tested Alltech solutions as Actigen®, Viligen® and Natustat® but is specifically designed for young pigs. By including carefully selected ingredients to “seed” the gastrointestinal tract with good bacteria from the beginning, Levelset helps to build a foundation for lifelong performance and profitability.  

Intended to be delivered to young pigs as a topdress on their feed, Levelset can be safely provided via both conventional and antibiotic-free systems. With the addition of our proven blend of flavors and sweeteners, Levelset also offers maximum palatability.

About the author:

Dr. Andrew Bents profile image

Dr. Andrew Bents

Swine Technical Veterinarian, Hubbard Feeds

Dr. Andrew Bents attended the University of Minnesota where he earned both his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, as well as his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After graduation, Dr. Bents served the Worthington, MN area as a mixed animal veterinarian, with an emphasis on swine production.  

At Hubbard, his role is to support pork producers by integrating and managing the interaction of health on all aspects of pork production through cooperation with producers, nutritionists, and their veterinarians. He is passionate about finding ways to improve pig health through advanced husbandry, nutrition, epidemiology, and pharmacovigilance techniques.

In his spare time, Dr. Bents enjoys spending time with his family, serving his church and community, helping on the family farm and woodworking in his shop.

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