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A healthier environment for animals, farmers and communities

Animal rearing and organic waste processing are associated with odor emissions, which often impact the environmental health and quality of life both within and beyond the facilities.

Ammonia is one of the main odorous compounds found in the polluted air discharged from animal farms or compost bioreactors. The emission of ammonia is a natural process produced by the anaerobic decomposition of animal waste. However, chronic exposure may lead to respiratory stress and illnesses, especially in a confined environment.

Benefits of De-Odorase

Reduces ammonia levels and controls manure odor
Promotes better respiratory health in animals
Optimizes feed conversion rates and growth

De-Odorase® aids in reducing ammonia emissions for beef cattle, dairy cows, poultry, pigs, horses and sheep.

De-Odorase® is a unique, natural product that helps control ammonia levels, manure odors and other harmful gasses associated with animal waste decomposition. Formulated from proprietary extracts of the Yucca schidigera plant, it creates a healthier environment for animals, farmers and communities.

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Our yucca plant harvest management system allows us to sustainably ensure the long-term continuity of the Yucca schidigera species.

From seed selection and planting to care, cutting and reforestation, each step in this process is important to ensure a sustainable production and minimal environmental impact.

To ensure the quality and traceability of our final product, we continuously carry out internal and external audits, and we are proudly certified by the International Organization for Standardization with ISO:9002.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is best: Adding De-Odorase as a feed additive or via direct application to the litter?

    Trials have shown that utilizing De-Odorase as a feed additive offers the best performance in terms of ammonia control and manure management. Begin adding De-Odorase to the feed when animals enter the farm facility, and for best results, continue to include it until production ends. Direct litter application can be useful for separate ammonia control or in addition to feed inclusion.

  • Is De-Odorase heat-stable?

    The yucca components found in De-Odorase are remarkably heat-stable and will not break down unless exposed to heat for long periods of time. De-Odorase can be safely pelleted or extruded with no adverse effects on activity. This makes De-Odorase a safe additive for inclusion in nearly any feed product.

  • How can the quality of De-Odorase be guaranteed in each batch?

    De-Odorase is produced with the strictest quality control standards to ensure product consistency. Our B50 analysis helps determine product efficacy. Additionally, maintaining our ISO:9002 certification involves adhering to international standards for the highest-quality production practices in each step of the production process.

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