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Allzyme® SSF


Maximizing feed efficiency by targeting different substrates in the diet.

The pressure to reduce feed costs and the continuous effort to gain a better understanding of available feed ingredients and their anti-nutritional factors are the biggest challenges the livestock industry currently faces.  

With that in mind, producers around the world are making a concerted effort to lower the cost of production and maximize feed efficiency based on nutritional and economic factors (which often vary) while maintaining animal welfare and using sustainable approaches to meet demands.

Benefits of Allzyme SSF

A unique feed enzyme for animal nutrition that supports efficiency by targeting different substrates in the animal diet. For use in diverse species, including poultry, pigs and aqua.

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Promotes nutrient release

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Optimizes feed digestion

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Reduces environmental impact

A unique feed enzyme technology backed by science

Developed through solid state fermentation (SSF), the Allzyme® SSF multi-enzymatic solution is derived from a select strain of (non-GMO) Aspergillus niger, which adds flexibility to the diet by targeting different substrates while enhancing nutrient utilization.

Allzyme® SSF allows for flexible feed formulation through the inclusion of byproducts and alternative raw materials and by reducing the density of the diet. It also promotes nutrient release — including the release of amino acids, energy, calcium and phosphorus — and optimizes feed digestibility while supporting a healthy animal digestive system and bringing cost-efficiency to the operation. 

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