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Allzyme® SSF

Allzyme® SSF is a complex that improves profitability by maximizing nutrient release. Through an ancient process called solid state fermentation (SSF), a selected strain of (non-GMO) Aspergillus niger is used to work in synergy with the animal’s digestive system to break down layers of the feed that were previously inaccessible through digestion. This exposes more nutrient-rich layers for the animal to digest, such as amino acids, energy, calcium and phosphorus. Allzyme SSF allows for flexibility in feed formulation through the inclusion of byproducts and alternative raw materials, or by reducing the nutrient density in the diet.

Allzyme SSF:

  • Allows you to continue to increase your savings if raw material prices continue to increase.
  • Can help to reduce the cost of an existing diet while maintaining performance.
  • Allows for a more flexible approach to feed formulation through inclusion of byproducts or by reducing nutrient constraints in the diet, particularly energy, calcium and available phosphorus.
  • Can be added directly to feed via premix, and no special application systems are required.
  • Maintains performance.
  • Can reduce feed costs.
  • Adds flexibility to the diet.
  • Allows for a high inclusion of byproducts.
  • Promotes nutrient release in the diet.