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Allzyme® Vegpro

Optimizing protein efficiency

Protein is one of the most critical ingredients in poultry diets — but it is also one of the most expensive. Vegetable protein sources also contain non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), which cannot be digested by poultry due to their lack of endogenous enzymes, thereby negatively affecting the overall digestion of the diet, as well as the absorption of nutrients (including protein).

Soybean meal (SBM), for example, is the most commonly used source of protein in poultry feed, representing a major feed ingredient cost. So, how can you optimize your SBM usage?

Introducing Allzyme Vegpro

Allzyme Vegpro, an enzyme complex specifically designed for vegetable protein sources in poultry and swine feed, offers a combination of enzymes containing protease and carbohydrase activity, which can help animals maximize the digestibility and utilization of nutrients, especially protein, while reducing feed costs and supporting sustainable livestock production. The targets for Allzyme Vegpro are diets that contain vegetable protein sources, such as soybean meal, oilseed (e.g., rapeseed, canola or sunflower) meals, legumes and their byproducts.

maximize digestibility icon

Maximizes the digestibility of vegetable protein sources

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Reduces the cost of feed by lowering the protein and AA levels

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Promotes animal welfare and health

Supporting sustainable production, backed by science

Allzyme Vegpro has been part of several studies developed around the world, and it has shown consistent results in different species, including poultry broilers, breeders, turkeys and layers, as well as pigs, in different stages of growth. 

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