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Drive metabolism to maximize beef cattle performance

Feedlot rations require enormous amounts of high-energy feed ingredients in order to maximize the production efficiency of beef cattle. The cost of these major feed components in finishing diets can make or break your bottom line. Cattle rely upon their first stomach (the rumen) to break down these feed ingredients, however many of the undigested ingredients can bypass the rumen, causing hindgut fermentation, leading to indigestion, rumen upset and low feed to gain ratios.


An extract of Aspergillus oryzae fermentation that contains alpha-amylase enzymes, AMAIZE® encourages ruminal digestion at the microbial level for better nutrient utilization, supporting rumen development and cattle performance while enhancing ruminant productivity

Encourages ruminal digestion

Maximizes performance

*based on 12 trials average comparison

Introducing Amaize® for Beef Cattle

Developed through a new research method called nutrigenomics, Amaize has shown to be capable of “turning on” genes involved in rumen digestion, leading to increases in butyrate and shifts in energy metabolism. This research suggests the enzyme Amaize assists in breaking down these costly feed ingredients and maintaining a proper rumen environment to enhance cattle metabolism. Optimizing this rumen activity in finishing diets is a key component to maximizing carcass weight gain, and new research shows a consistent improvement in hot carcass weight and dressing percent.

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