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Optimizing pig nutrition: Insights from ASAS Midwest

June 10, 2024
Optimizing pig nutrition: Insights from ASAS Midwest

The Alltech team recently contributed valuable insights at the American Society of Animal Science Midwest (ASAS Midwest) event in Madison, Wisconsin. ASAS Midwest is one of the best conferences about swine nutrition, both in the U.S. and globally. Attendees enjoyed many opportunities to gain practical knowledge that will empower them to enhance productivity and sustainability in their pig farming operations.

Meet our speakers at the event and learn what pork producers can apply from the research presented.

Dr. Henrique Cemin, senior swine nutritionist at Hubbard Feeds, an Alltech company

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Dr. Cemin oversees research and development at Hubbard Feeds, where Alltech conducts about 25 trials per year involving over 40,000 pigs. The R&D team also provides technical services and support for Hubbard’s field team and customers.

He gave three presentations, addressing:

  • the net energy of soybean meal
  • the phosphorus requirement of nursery pigs
  • the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio and their interactions

Dr. Cemin was invited to present on soybean meal net energy because of his research in this area during graduate school and at Hubbard Feeds. His calcium and phosphorus presentations were selected from submitted abstracts identified as important to the industry.

"Soybean meal is a key source of amino acids for swine diets globally, and it’s important to understand its energy value,” Dr. Cemin said. “Traditional prediction equations underestimate its energy for pigs, so updated values are needed for better diet formulation. For calcium and phosphorus, understanding their levels and interactions is crucial for pig performance and economic impact.

“Current research addresses these topics, but the answers evolve with genetic improvements and other advancements. Keeping updated with these changes is crucial for the industry’s progress.”

Dr. Cemin also explored issues around feed costs, overall profitability, supply and demand, and the pressures of disease.

Morgan Hart, research coordinator and swine nutritionist at Hubbard Feeds

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In her double role with Hubbard Feeds, Morgan Hart ensures that all proper measures are taken to effectively run research trials at Hubbard’s three commercial facilities. In addition, she works alongside Alltech’s U.S. Pork team to provide technical nutritional services for our customers.

At the conference, Ms. Hart presented on determining lysine requirements for pigs fed high-fiber diets after weaning.

“This research is crucial for pork producers, as we’ve found that incorporating fibers into pig diets can significantly enhance gut health, nutrient digestibility and pig survivability, especially during health challenges,” she said.

Dr. Jose Soto, director of monogastric research and technical lead at Alltech

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Dr. Soto works closely with our Pork and Poultry teams, helping identify how Alltech solutions and services can support our customers while following Alltech’s ACE Principle of always prioritizing the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment. Driven by solving complex challenges, Dr. Soto and his highly competent team continue to deliver leading-edge technologies. Currently, they are making strong progress on:

  • a phytogenic offering antibiotic-free growth promotion
  • a technology, based on MOS (mannan oligosaccharide), that has shown livability benefits
  • organic mineral nutrition to address antagonisms that can hinder performance

“It’s about delivering meaningful outcomes that drive producers’ profitability, and using Alltech technologies such as organic minerals to improve not only performance but sustainability,” Dr. Soto said.


The research overseen by these three experts is only part of the broad-based, in-depth research continuously conducted by Alltech. We are always evaluating and refining our programs, collaborating with universities and industry partners to enhance swine nutrition. The Alltech Pork team also provides tailored nutritional support to productions of all sizes, offering expertise, assistance, and a comprehensive approach to swine nutrition and management.

“The U.S. Pork team is uniquely positioned to support the industry in achieving its goals, because we understand the challenges and opportunities involved,” Dr. Soto said. “Our team of experts works together to help producers be more efficient and profitable. With talented individuals and a strong supply chain, we strive to minimize environmental impact while delivering high-quality technologies.”

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