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Integral® A+

Integral® A+ is a nutritional technology with proven efficacy to support herd health and performance. The hydrolyzed yeast-based solution helps cattle achieve their true potential.

Integral A+:

  • Has been awarded numerous patents that protect its novel composition and proprietary production.
  • Research includes proven efficacy in more than 97 peer-reviewed in vivo trials and 143 published papers and is supported by at least 20 Ph.D. and 22 master’s degree theses.
  • Supports overall performance.
  • Is a solution to help animals achieve their true potential. Increased productivity inevitably brings new challenges and risks to modern animal production that cannot be avoided. Integral A+ can be a solution.
  • Has several advantages, including:
    • Has a low, effective inclusion rate.
    • Is stable over a wide pH range.
    • Has a broad-spectrum reach.

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