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Acid-Pak 4-Way 2X® is a unique technology designed to help “feed the gut” and equip animals with the best foundation for healthy growth and natural defenses. It provides acidifiers, lactic acid-producing bacteria, enzymes and electrolytes to maintain optimum conditions for digestion in the stomach and small intestine.

Adding Acid-Pak 4-Way 2X to drinking water is an effective approach to acidification, especially when intake is low or variable (e.g., newly placed animals, heat stress, transportation). Young animals are drawn to the sweet taste and readily drink water containing Acid-Pak 4-Way 2X.



Acid-Pak 4-Way 2X:

  • Optimizes pH levels
  • Supports the gut microbial population
  • Supports enzyme activity and activates digestions
  • Maintains water balance

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