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Crop production is affected by a wide variety of abiotic and biotic stress. Even components critical to a plant’s health, such as chill hours, rain and sunlight, can become detrimental when provided in excess. As stress becomes more prevalent, crops are unable to reach their full genetic potential, resulting in reduced productivity and increased economic hardship.

To help farmers achieve top earning yield and quality, Alltech Crop Science applies nutrigenomic research to help optimize plant performance.  

What is nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition affects the process of gene expression. By no means are we altering genes; we’re simply looking to see how a plant responds to various nutrients, compounds and stimuli. Learning how plants react to these situations on a genetic level allows us to optimize plant function and health. Ultimately, we’re helping boost the performance of crops by understanding their natural responses to their environment.

How does this technology help you and your farm?

To excel in their sport, most athletes consume a diet as carefully planned as their training regimen. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and other sports supplements enhance both their mental and physical strength. Plants respond similarly to biostimulants, diverse substances and microorganisms used to enhance plant growth.

Biostimulants foster plant development in numerous ways throughout the crop life cycle, from seed germination to plant maturity. Whether by improving metabolic efficiency or facilitating nutrient translocation, for example, these compounds can lead to increases in yield, quality, stress tolerance and even water use efficiency.

Beyond simple nutrition, the science of nutrigenomics can examine how gene expression is influenced by these unique biostimulating compounds, enabling formulations specifically tailored for the desired crop outcome.

Maximize production potential and marketability.

Resulting from advanced research in biotechnology and nutrigenomics, Alltech Crop Science’s performance solutions activate natural plant mechanisms to optimize plant health and performance.