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Nutrigenomic insights for improved row crop productivity and yield.

Maximize production potential. Derived from microbial fermentation and backed by nutrigenomic research, GRAIN-SET is designed to provide crops with essential nutrition for robust growth and reproductive formation, leading to increased grain weight, uniformity and yield.


  • Stimulates plant processes through essential nutrients.
  • Increases grain weight and yield.
  • Optimizes grain fill, uniformity and quality.
  • GRAIN-SET is OMRI Listed in the USA for use in organic crop production by Improcrop USA. Must not be used as a defoliant, herbicide, or desiccant. Micronutrient deficiency must be documented by soil or tissue testing or other documented and verifiable method as approved by a certifying agent.
performance gene

Grain-Set includes micronutrients and fermentation metabolites that enable the plant to focus more energy on root growth and reproductive formation.

performance grain

When applied during critical stages of grain formation, Grain-Set helps optimize grain fill and quality, as well as protein, energy and digestibility in forages.


performance market

More energy and better grain fill means consistently larger harvest yields. By helping plant performance in stressful conditions, Grain-Set works extraordinarily well during challenging seasons.

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