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Strong, rich soil is essential for agricultural production; without well-balanced soil, food could not be efficiently produced to feed the world’s growing population. Healthy soils have a balanced structure with high organic content, good biodiversity and high nutrient availability. Therefore, maintaining a balanced, healthy soil profile lays the foundation for growing productive, nutrient-rich crops.

How do healthy soils benefit you and your farm?

  1. Reduce the impact of stress on your crops
    During the season, plant stress events — such as heat, frost, drought and disease — strain plant resources and greatly reduce potential end-of-season harvest yields. Healthy, productive soils can offset the worst of these stresses, helping maintain optimal harvest yields and business profitability.
  2. Increased production with the use of fewer inputs
    Well-balanced soils that are rich in organic matter and beneficial microbes naturally supply much of the nutrition and other requirements that would otherwise need to be supplemented by the grower. Reducing the amount of crop inputs required means money saved.
  3. Sustainable approach for long-term profitability
    Healthy soils are not only more environmentally sustainable but also represent a valuable, revenue-generating asset for growers, their businesses and generations yet to come.

Healthy soil starts here.

Resulting from advanced research in specific bacterial metabolites and enzymes, Alltech Crop Science’s soil health solutions help plants establish and maintain a strong foothold and help growers rejuvenate the quality and productivity of their soils, season after season.