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Microbial fermentation technology for enhanced soil health and productivity.

Healthy soil starts here. SOIL-SET includes specific bacterial metabolites and natural enzymes that aid in healthy root development, nutrient availability and plant growth. These enzymes also facilitate residue breakdown and promote beneficial microbial populations.


  •  Improves residue breakdown and soil organic matter.
  •  Supports balanced soils to help plants thrive under stressful conditions.
  •  Helps optimize soil microbial populations.
  •  Increases soil nutrient availability and uptake.
  • SOIL-SET is OMRI Listed in the USA for use in organic crop production by Improcrop USA. Must not be used as a defoliant, herbicide, or desiccant. Micronutrient deficiency must be documented by soil or tissue testing or other documented and verifiable method as approved by a certifying agent.


soil breakdown

The natural enzymes in Soil-Set quickly break down plant residues, reducing habitats that foster plant disease and returning nutrients to the soil.

soil balance

The microbial fermentation technology in Soil-Set helps tip the scales toward microbial populations that are beneficial for balanced soil and healthy plant development.

soil growth

The unique combination of nutrients and enzymes in Soil-Set help promote balanced soils with healthy root formation and plant development.

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