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Nutrigenomic insights for improved forage and oilseed quality and productivity.

Applied nutrition for optimized production Specially formulated for forage and oilseed crops, NATURE’S BASICS 2X is a blend of micronutrients and fermentation metabolites that are applied during flowering and fruit development to supply the plant with the nutrition required for better growth, fruit set and seed development.


  • Provides nutrients essential for plant metabolic processes.
  • Promotes greater plant vigor, leading to increased harvest yields.
  • Improves growth, quality and seed formation.
performance gene

Nature’s Basics 2X supports gene expression related to plant root growth and reproductive development. It is formulated with several nutrients important in row crop production, including boron and manganese.

performance row crops

Because it works by enhancing plants’ own natural reproductive processes, Nature’s Basics 2X is well-suited for a variety of row crops, including grains, forages, legumes and oil crops.


performance market

Better reproductive development and more energy being made available to the plant leads to improved plant performance and increased yields at harvest.

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