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Nucleo-Sacc™ is a yeast-based protein containing highly concentrated levels of essential and functional nutrients. Nucleo-Sacc is added to the diets of young companion animals and supports digestive efficiency through precision nutrition.

Features and benefits:

  • Proven to enhance animal performance and reduce cost of production
  • Rich in nucleotides, glutamic acid, amino acids, peptides and inositol
  • Functional nutrients from yeast
  • Traceable and consistent production
  • Non-animal protein source

Mode of action:

Periods of stress are common in young animals, be that due to environmental changes, post-weaning stress or disease challenges. Nucleotides have been shown to alter biological responses, including growth. Nucleo-Sacc is an Alltech yeast technology providing young animals with an easily digestible nucleotide source, inositol and glutamate which improves feed intake.

  • Alters gene expression
  • Contains components that improve cell repair and growth
  • Improves palatability due to the metabolism of some compound
  • Increases villi: crypt ratio, resulting in better nutrient uptake

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