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Triad™ supplementation promotes successful farrowing and pig livability through a palatable, proprietary blend of Alltech ingredients.

Sow throughput can be compromised by the higher incidence of stillbirth pigs along with pre-wean death loss, decreasing overall performance in your operation. Effective during short feeding intervals, Triad™ supports sows during parturition and impacts pre-wean mortality, driving more pigs and more pounds long-term in your barns.

Features and benefits:

  • Aids in the parturition process
  • Supports fewer stillborn pigs
  • Boosts wean pigs per sow
  • Reduces farrowing duration
  • Supports preweaning livability
  • Improves nitrogen metabolism


Delivering you more pigs and more pounds

Aids in the farrowing process

Supports fewer stillborn pigs

Boosts wean pigs per sow

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