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Fibrozyme enhances the ruminant digestive system in high-fiber diets

High-fiber diets can be difficult for animals to digest. Increasing the digestion of ruminal fiber in higher-forage rations — even by a small amount — can significantly impact both intake and production. Fibrolytic enzymes can boost an animal’s ability to extract nutrients from the feed, improving ruminal efficiency. Fibrozyme is a unique enzyme feed technology designed to maximize feed efficiency in high-fiber diets by better breaking down the cell wall fractions in plant fibers, encouraging intake to support productivity for both beef and dairy cattle.

Favorece la digestión ruminal icon
Enhances fiber digestion
nutrient icon
Optimizes nutrient utilization
rumen icon
Supports rumen function

Benefits of exogenous enzymes

Benefits of exogenous enzymes in beef cattle:

  • Support rumen function
  • Encourage feed intake
  • Enhance microbial protein yield
  • Maximize feed efficiency in beef cattle
  • Boost forage digestibility

Dairy Cows in barn

Benefits of exogenous enzymes in dairy cows:

  • Optimize milk yield 
  • Enhance milk constituents, like protein and lactose
  • Support fiber digestion
  • Maximize feed efficiency in dairy cows
  • Encourage dry matter intake

Beef cattle in a field

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