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Yea-Sacc® is a yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 1026, a strain specifically selected for its influence on animal performance. With a low inclusion rate and a large body of research clarifying its performance responses, it is ideal for beef, dairy, calf and equine feeds. Yea-Sacc provides the nutritional platform needed to sustain higher milk production, maintain condition in high producers, and enhance digestibility. More than 35 years of research allows Alltech to provide the most consistent product possible.

  • Promotes digestion and utilization of nutrients
  • Provides the right nutritional platform needed to:
    - Sustain higher milk production.
    - Maintain condition in high producers.
  • Reduces fluctuation in pH and keeps rumen microbes steadily active, which speeds feed digestion and rumen turnover, allowing greater intake
  • Promotes the growth of fiber-digesting bacteria in the rumen, thereby supporting the rate and extent of forage breakdown.
  • Stimulates activity of the bacteria that convert lactic acid to propionic acid.
  • Promotes rumen stability, avoiding the wide variations in rumen pH that interfere with fiber digestion and feed intake.
  • Provides consistent and highly cost-effective returns through greater performance.
  • Demonstrates how technologies supported by constant research can help move the industry forward and meet the challenges of animal production through the provision of nutritional solution.

Yea-Sacc provides the nutritional platform needed to:

  • Sustain higher milk production.
  • Maintain condition in high producers.
  • Enhance digestibility.
  • Promote the digestion and utilization of nutrients.
  • Boost protein supply.

Yea-Sacc for dairy cows

Yea-Sacc promotes enhanced rumen through improved ration digestibility and the stabilization of rumen pH. This allows for increased milk production in a more efficient manner without compromising the body condition and fertility of the dairy cow.

Yea-Sacc for beef

Yea-Sacc promotes the enhanced digestion of the animal's total ration by supporting fiber digestion and the stabilization of rumen pH. This allows for increase average daily gain, produced in a more efficient manner for more profitable production.

Yea-Sacc for equine

Yea-Sacc promotes greater digestion of fiber, enhancing the uptake of energy.

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The world's largest yeast fermentation plant for animal and crop nutrition

Yeast processing is the basis of Alltech solutions. São Pedro do Ivaí is home to Alltech’s yeast fermentation plant, the largest one in the world! At this facility we produce more than 150 products, transforming raw materials into solutions to improve animal and plant performance. The entire manufacturing process goes through a rigorous quality control system, allowing Alltech to have international certifications to export to more than 100 countries.


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