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What if you could meet sustainability goals while also improving performance?


As a global leader in animal nutrition, Alltech is proud to partner with companies that share its commitment to Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™.

Alltech recently took another step toward its Planet of Plenty purpose when it acquired a majority interest in feed additive producer Agolin. Founded in 2006 in Switzerland, Agolin develops and produces nutritional solutions with a blend of essential oils that improve herd performance, profitability and sustainability. 

Eco-friendly solutions for supporting milk production, feed efficiency and sustainability goals

Agolin’s line of high-quality products, made from a blend of essential oils and produced through a proprietary process, are scientifically proven to optimize feed intake and performance, including milk and meat production. These products complement Alltech’s proven nutritional technologies, such as Yea-Sacc® and Optigen®. The synergistic use of Alltech and Agolin solutions leads to improved animal welfare, greater feed efficiency and conversion, enhanced milk and meat production, reproductive success, increased profitability, reduced environmental footprint, and more.


Click here to read the press release announcing the Alltech and Agolin partnership.



Solutions for challenges and priorities like:

  • Milk production
  • Feed efficiency
  • Reproductive success
  • Sustainability goals
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Nitrogen efficiency

Supported by 15+ years of research



Partnering for profitability – and a Planet of Plenty™

Beef and dairy cattle are often targeted for their impact on the environment, specifically regarding methane emissions. Alltech knows cows can be part of the climate change solution – and by helping producers support herd performance, we can help you reach your climate commitments while optimizing profitability. The alliance between Alltech and Agolin will empower livestock producers to reach their sustainability goals while supporting the performance and profitability of their herds.

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