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Allzyme Spectrum®

Improved efficiency and greater savings for poultry diets

Diet composition and NSP diversity and variability will help determine which enzyme solution is right for each production system. Multiple substrates require multiple enzymes, so it’s crucial to look at the overall poultry diet instead of focusing on single ingredients. Choosing an enzyme complex that targets multiple substrates gets the most out of the complete diet.

Following intensive research over the past few years, Alltech has improved its enzyme technology even further with the introduction of Allzyme Spectrum®, a next-generation multi-enzyme complex that maximizes nutrient utilization by breaking down multiple fiber substrates in the diet.

Allzyme Spectrum:

  • Drives energy return and phosphorus release
  • Promotes optimal digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Optimizes feed cost savings
  • Decreases excess nutrient excretion into the environment

Sustainable production backed by science

Maximizing the nutritive value of poultry feed with Allzyme Spectrum leads to more efficient poultry production. When enzymes are added, the amounts of certain feed ingredients formulated into poultry diets can be reduced, leading to immediate cost savings and, in the long term, a reduction in the use of land, water and energy used to produce those feed ingredients.

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