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Yea-Sacc® 1026 BAC

A cost-effective solution to improve rumen efficiency and enhance gut health

Yea-Sacc® 1026 BAC provides continual support to the entire GI tract, conditioning the rumen for optimal efficiency and protecting against the growth of undesirable organisms. Yea-Sacc® 1026 BAC combines the proven rumen modifier Yea-Sacc® 1026 with the combined powers of Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis to optimize total gut health and efficiency.

Benefits of Yea-Sacc® 1026 BAC:

  • Increases milk production
  • Stabilize rumen pH
  • Improves defense against undesirable organisms
  • Increase ruminal nutrient digestion

Combination of two technologies working together to boost efficiency

A healthy intestinal tract, including a high-functioning rumen, is critical for dairy operations to take advantage of the benefits of good management and feeding programs. To keep your herd performing at the highest level, you must maintain the right amounts of beneficial bacteria in both the rumen and lower digestive tract.


Leveraging the unique benefits of Yea-Sacc® 1026

Different strains of yeast have different metabolic activity. The yeast strain specifically selected for Yea-Sacc® 1026 was chosen specifically for its ability to increase both total viable and cellulolytic bacteria. This makes Yea-Sacc® 1026 ideal for conditioning the rumen to be more effective in nutrient digestion while maintaining a consistent pH.

Impact of Yea-Sacc® 1026 compared to other yeast strains (Newbold et al.)

Optimizing the entire intestinal tract with the inclusion of beneficial Bacilli

Bacillus can combat undesirable organisms linked to potentially deadly issues such as hemorrhagic bowl syndrome, abdominal distension, and mastitis. Specifically, bacillus has been proven to target Clostridium perfringens by producing organic acids that inhibit the growth of this bacteria. Making it an ideal combination with Yea-Sacc® 1026 for optimal GI track support.

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