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E. Michael Castle II

E. Michael Castle II profile image

E. Michael Castle II

Chief Operations and Financial Officer

As chief operations and financial officer, E. Michael Castle brings integration to Alltech’s operational, finance and support teams globally, ensuring that they work in alignment and collaboration toward the company’s ambitious goals for growth and Planet of Plenty™ purpose. 

Most recently, Michael served as chief operating officer at Alltech. During his time at Alltech, he has also served as executive vice president and CEO of the Alltech Feed Division, which comprises several recently acquired companies that specialize in premixes, complete feeds, nutrition blocks, specialty products and technologies. He was responsible for the division’s focus on delivering greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability to the farm and ranch, and improving companion animal nutrition. Michael also assumed leadership of Alltech’s North American commercial efforts in 2018.

Prior to that appointment, Michael held a variety of roles such as chief administrative and legal officer, and chief legal officer. He has lived and worked for Alltech in England as head of the legal department for Asia-Pacific and Europe. He then returned to Alltech’s corporate headquarters in Kentucky to establish a legal and regulatory presence for Alltech globally as chief legal officer.

Michael received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Kentucky and a Juris Doctor from Washington University in St. Louis.


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