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Dr. Kyle McKinney

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Dr. Kyle McKinney

Enzyme Management Platform Global Director

Dr. Kyle McKinney leads the Alltech Enzyme Management global platform that is focused on feed efficiency. Animal performance is dependent on feed performance, and regardless of the type of diet, getting the most from the feed is vital for the success of an operation. A technology known as solid state fermentation allows for the use of alternative raw materials, increasing nutrient availability, maintaining gastrointestinal integrity and reducing feed cost. The platform drives enzyme technology to provide innovative solutions for producers.   

Previously, McKinney worked for three years in Costa Rica. The project focused on utilizing the Alltech Crop Science portfolio to control disease and reduce chemical applications. It has also allowed the team located there to establish a fermentation lab to evaluate more sustainable microbial solutions for disease control.  

He also worked with the Alltech applications research program for more than a decade and was part of Alltech’s Farm of the Future project from 2007 to 2008. Additionally, he and his team designed Alltech True Check™, an in vitro digestion system developed to evaluate diets and the impacts of feed technology in monogastric animals.  

McKinney received his bachelor’s degree in agricultural biotechnology from the University of Kentucky, his master’s degree in brewing and distilling fermentation technology from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and his Ph.D. in agricultural biotechnology, which focused on the development of microbial fermentation systems to produce complex enzymes to improve monogastric feed and nutrition, from Harper Adams University.