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Dr. Marc Larousse

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Dr. Marc Larousse

Vice President of the Middle East

Dr. Marc Larousse is the vice president of the Middle East for Alltech. He previously served as vice president of business development and was responsible for managing partnerships and merger and acquisition strategies for the company. He graduated from the National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort and later received his master’s degree in business administration at the Groupe HEC in 1993.

Larousse began his career with Alltech in 1993 as director of Alltech France. From 1997 to 2000, he was the director of Alltech’s regional office in Curitiba, Brazil. In 2002, he became director of Alltech Latin America, which involved implementing the corporate sales and marketing strategy within the region.

Additionally, Larousse served as vice president of Europe for Alltech from 2008 to 2011. He has been involved in the merger and acquisition activities of the company since 2011. During this period, he also took on regional responsibilities in the Middle East and for Alltech Crop Science in Brazil and Europe.

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