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Beef cattle health and nutrition

Beef cattle supplements and specialty ingredients for maximum performance and efficiency

Products and services, backed by science, to help you solve your toughest challenges, like:

At Alltech, our specialty ingredients work to solve your toughest challenges.

Alltech's specialty feed ingredients are backed by science and real customer success. Whether this means fixing a problem with calf scours, combating mycotoxins, increasing feed efficiency, improving pregnancy rates or even just getting a few extra pounds at weaning, Alltech’s full line of products and services is proven to deliver profitable results. With Alltech, you can:

  • Expect cost savings and better efficiency
  • Increase herd health and performance
  • Enjoy more time to do what you want

Alltech improves performance and efficiency at each stage of life.

Alltech customer testimonials

"The reason we use Bio-Mos is because we want to get the bad bacteria out of the cattle. The slaughterhouse loves our cattle coming in because they are as clean as anything they’ve ever had."

- Brandon Oliver, Black Hawk Farms

"Bio-Mos is a product that gets recommended in nine out of 10 situations, just because of its application and its ability to fit in the application."

- Cash Yount, nutritionist, CHS Nutrition

"I believe in Alltech products because of the research that’s put into them and the results we have gotten out of them. We see better cattle with better conception rates, better immune function and less sickness."

- Weyman Hunt, Godfrey’s Feed

"Foot rot was our biggest issue…we went with the [Alltech mineral program] and it made a big difference. No doubt about it. We went from 25% with foot rot through the summer down to 2-3%."

- Tony Bleumer, Bleumer Farms

Alltech services can help you with your toughest challenges.

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Beef cattle health and nutrition products

Bio-Mos® 2

Bio-Mos 2 focuses on supporting animal performance by promoting good bacteria, building immune defenses and maximizing growth and efficiency.


Effective during all phases of growth, Bio-Mos® is designed to feed the gastrointestinal tract, thereby maximizing performance and profitability.


Bioplex® minerals are trace minerals that are bound to amino acids and a range of peptides. They are easily absorbed and readily metabolized, optimizing animal performance.

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