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Value Test

Yea-Sacc® Value Test:

A yeast assessment for dairy cow rations, so you can

feed with confidence.

Increase milk

Reduce your feed

Feel confident
about your feed
additive choices

Are your feed additives worth the investment?

We know you have many choices when it comes to a yeast feed additive. Yet with so much going on at your dairy, how can you tell which yeast is worth the investment? Or just increasing your costs?

The Yea-Sacc® Value Test is the first and only yeast assessment that allows you to compare your TMR both with and without Yea-Sacc®, Alltech’s leading yeast feed additive. By sending in a small TMR sample, Alltech’s industry-leading in vitro fermentation model will create a personalized report for you showing data most relevant to your performance, profitability and efficiency.

The Yea-Sacc Value Test gives you the tools you need – before you make the investment – to know exactly what Alltech’s Yea-Sacc will do in your ration, so you can feed with confidence.

What can a poor feed additive
choice do?


increase cost icon Increase your costs

maximize efficiency icon Not maximize your efficiency

maximize efficiency icon Cause frustration and anxiety

Alltech On-Farm Support team showcasing Yea-Sacc Value Test

Don't just feed and hope it works.
Have data to back your ration.

The Yea-Sacc Value Test provides clear information on metrics such as rumen energy efficiency, lactic acid levels, useful energy and more. Through a unique in vitro process, the Yea-Sacc Value Test uses rumen fluid from both animals receiving and those not receiving Yea-Sacc to provide precise data on your supplementation strategies.

How to take a Yea-Sacc Value Test

Step 1: Apply for a test kit

Fill out the form and a free Yea-Sacc Value Test kit will be mailed to you or given to you by an Alltech sales representative.

Step 2: Send in a TMR Sample

Use the Yea-Sacc Value Test kit to provide a TMR sample. Ship your complete sample in the pre-paid mailer bag from any U.S. Postal Service office. It’s free; just drop it off.

Step 3: See the Difference

The Alltech IFM: Yea-Sacc Value Test lab will analyze the results in about one week. Results will allow you to compare your ration with and without Yea-Sacc, so you can feed with confidence.

Fill out the form below to apply for a test kit

Industry leading tools so you can feed with confidence

Alltech IFM - The Backbone of the Yea-Sacc Value Test

Alltech IFM is an in vitro fermentation model that simulates rumen fermentation and evaluates the digestibility and nutrient availability of a TMR. Information from Alltech IFM is generated through a specialized process involving fermentation vessels, inoculation, incubation, rumen fluid and data analysis (i.e., not based on data simply from fed animals). Alltech IFM technology can identify barriers to rumen fermentation to improve nutrient availability and reduce energy losses.

Specifically, the Alltech IFM: Yea-Sacc Value Test is a new, specialized test based on Alltech IFM technology to accurately assess the value of Yea-Sacc from Alltech in a ration.

Yea-Sacc® - a proven yeast additive. Supports profitability, backed by science.

Yea-Sacc is a leading yeast product based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 1026, a strain specifically selected to increase milk production, increase energy efficiency and promote a better rumen pH for performance in dairy cattle at all stages of production. Yea-Sacc is the most widely-researched yeast culture on the market with over 37 years of consistent performance responses.

Not all yeasts are the same.

Peer reviewed journals agree that:

Are you feeding the right yeast for you?