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Why a spring-calving dairy farmer has bought a feeder wagon

August 06, 2018

Most spring calving dairy farmers would grimace at the thought of buying a feeder wagon. However, some are spring systems are doing just that in an attempt to extend grazing rotations and support milk production,

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Giant self-propelled KEENAN feeder lands in Co. Donegal

August 02, 2018

Following on from the launch of the 16m³ Keenan MechFiber 345SP in early 2017, the company has recently brought a 20m³ version to the market.

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Alltech experts to offer feed advice for farmers in Tullamore

August 02, 2018

Nutrition specialists from Alltech’s InTouch team will be on hand to engage with farmers on the current feed shortage situation at this year’s Tullamore Show. The experts will offer advice on feed budgeting, diet formulation and use of alternative forages, Alltech says.

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KEENAN launches mixer wagon rental scheme

August 01, 2018

Summer 2018 has proved very challenging for Irish farmers. Unpredicted drought conditions have resulted in extreme difficulties for farmers feeding their livestock, and many have been forced to incorporate a range of different forages and concentrates into their animal’s diets.

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Innovation driving on-farm efficiency

July 20, 2018

Keenan, leaders in manufacturing quality mixer wagons, partnered with Ireland’s leading agri tech companies recently at the Keenan Open Day to showcase how dairy and beef farmers can increase on-farm efficiency and improve profitability through implementing technologies related to animal nutritio