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Innovation driving on-farm efficiency

July 20, 2018

Keenan, leaders in manufacturing quality mixer wagons, partnered with Ireland’s leading agri tech companies recently at the Keenan Open Day to showcase how dairy and beef farmers can increase on-farm efficiency and improve profitability through implementing technologies related to animal nutritio

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Finish better, younger and faster

July 13, 2018

Matthew Halpin attended the beef seminar at the recent Keenan Alltech open day, where finishing cattle were high on the agenda. Some of the highlights of the recent Keenan Alltech Open day in Borris, Co Carlow, were the dairy and beef seminars that ran every hour throughout the afternoon.

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Don't overlook dry period and you'll get the best from your herd

July 02, 2018

With one in four cull cows reported to leave the herd during the first 60 days of lactation, dairy farmers need to pay closer attention to detail during the dry and transition period.

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How to combat drop in milk quality and yield during heatwave

June 28, 2018

In view of the heatwave, dairy producers are being warned to take steps to reduce the impact of heat stress which can cause a major decline in cow performance.

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Good nutrition for cows in dry period can reduce need for culling

June 24, 2018

Tom Chanter, InTouch feeding specialist, said: “Good management and nutrition during the dry period is crucial and will support easier calving, improve immunity and increase milk yield during early lactation.