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Change for the better

KEENAN understands the work that farmers need to put in every day in order to keep food on the world’s table. In such a changing landscape, the daily workload on farms is not without its challenges — unpredictability of income, rising costs, volatility of markets, legislation, changing consumer tastes and important messaging around climate change.

However, KEENAN knows that farmers are motivated, capable and multi-talented — they need to be when working in complex and unpredictable environments. Farming is also a business, and every change a farmer makes needs to pay back, in terms of profit, time-saving, herd health and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

With this in mind, a KEENAN diet feeder is a sound investment and delivers proven results through precision feeding. Our philosophy can be distilled down to one simple principle: even the smallest details can contribute to overall performance. We take the guesswork out of feeding and provide the farmer with all the tools needed to ensure consistent feed-out, nutritional support, optimised herd performance and simplified tasks that save time, all while meeting their commitment to run a low-carbon farm.

Harnessing the performance and insight of the Carbon Trust-validated KEENAN diet feeding system is a change for the better.

Constant control with consistent returns 

A KEENAN diet feeder helps mitigate against the unpredictability of income through constant returns. With precision feeding, you have oversight of productivity improvements and cost inputs.

Increased yield with reduced impact

The Carbon Trust-validated KEENAN diet feeder improves yield and herd health while reducing methane per litre produced through increased feed efficiency. This helps you play your part in safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Hands-on change with real-time insights

The KEENAN diet feeder is a fully integrated system, combining build quality and technology, that helps save time and labour. Easy to use and with data at your fingertips, the KEENAN can make a real impact on your work-life balance.

Higher milk yields with healthy herds