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Alltech Taiwan is located in Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan. The office is strategically located near the city centre close to the government offices. Taiwan's total land area is only about 3,6000 square kilometers. It lies off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia, across the Taiwan Straits from Mainland China. Kaohsiung is a port city and Chichin Island (a 10-minute ferry ride from downtown Kaohsiung) is the city’s best and famous seafood location.

Consumers in Taiwan pay particular attention to food safety so Alltech is a premium supplier of natural solutions to the animal feed industry. The following additives are banned from feed: Nystatin, Lincomycin, Spectinomycin, Virginomycin and BMD. Alltech Taiwan has worked with university professor to use Bio-Mos to improve growth performance of birds without the use of antibiotics.

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Alltech Taiwan
A5, 23F
No. 6 Swei 3rd Road
Kaohsiung 802


+886 7 3354290


+886 7 3350107


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