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Alltech Argentina was established in 1997. Argentina is focused on the Agribusiness sector (One of the top's world grain producer, specially soya, corn, wheat, sunflower and others). Crop this year will surpass the 100 million tons figure. Most of them are exported to Latin America, Europe and other regions of the world. An important part is processed into Soybean meal and other grain process products to exportation and local industry.

Animal feed consumes about 40% of the corn available. On Ruminants Argentina is still a grazing country, although it is changing to a more intensive model due to more revenues of the land on the agricultural model.

Poultry business is growing by 10% rate each year, focused on exportation as the cost of chicken meat produced in Argentina is the cheapest in the world by this moment. Milk and beef production are stabilized on 9,5 million litters of milk and 55 million heads respectively, due to constant intervention of the government blocking exportations to avoid local price increase and inflation.

The market for the feed business is divided in 04 areas, Ruminants (Dairy/Beef) feed, Poultry feed, Pig's feed and Pet food.


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