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Alltech’s work in Serbia began in April 2002, when company founder Dr. Pearse Lyons purchased a production facility for manufacturing yeast, recognising its significant potential. The Serbian facility quickly became an important yeast production location for Alltech, thanks to its significant capability for processing molasses. The facility, which has since been sold, received many awards and recognitions for its contributions to the Serbian economy and its innovative treatment of waste water.

Today, Alltech Serbia is focused on providing professional consultancy and individual customer support to the animal feed industry. The team supports feed customers with innovative nutritional technologies developed in line with Alltech’s founding ACE principle, a promise that all of Alltech’s solutions are safe for the Animal, Consumer and Environment.

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Alltech SRB Doo Novi Sad 
Bulevar Oslobodjenja 36 
21000 Novi Sad 
Republic of Serbia


+381 63 566 811