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KEENAN Service is Legendary Amongst KEENAN Customers

KEENAN Service is Legendary Amongst KEENAN Customers

KEENAN Service is legendary amongst KEENAN customers. In fact, if you ask a customer why he or she has invested in a KEENAN mixer wagon, invariably one of the responses will be the reliability of the machine together with the wonderful back-up service.

An old adage from KEENAN is “Never miss a feed”, and to carry this promise out, the company only appoints KEENAN Accredited Service Engineers who have a track record in experience and reliability.

Two KEENAN Service Engineers I met recently certainly “fit this bill” – Martin Nolan and David Campbell.

Martin Nolan, who covers most of Leinster, brings a wealth of experience to KEENAN customers. “I have been working with KEENAN now for twenty-seven years” says Martin.  I started out in the factory in Borris, where I assembled machines for ten years, and then decided to set up my own business – Martin Nolan Engineering.

Martin says that no job is “too big or too small” for him, and is on call twenty four hours a day.   I’ve never refused to go out to a farmer in trouble” he comments.

Martin has worked on every model of the KEENAN mixer wagon range, and offers this advice to farmers –

  • Book an annual service. It pays off!
  • Keep the chains oiled and the bearings greased
  • Ensure that the top knives, body, blades and paddle rubbers are all in top condition.

Martin says that dairy farmers are the worst offenders in not looking after their machines as they are too busy!

David Campbell covers the Midlands region and brings both national and international experience to the job.

“I started out as a dairy farmer, but decided in October 2005 to set up my own machinery business, and this has gone from strength to strength.”

As an ex dairy farmer, David completely understands the importance of having your feeding equipment in good order. “I realise that dairy farmers are too busy, as Michael has said previously. But, if you miss a feed then milk yields can drop, and this is a loss of income, which dairy farmers can ill afford, when milk prices are not great.”

Like Michael, David cannot stress too greatly the importance of regular servicing of your machine.  “Regular servicing, looking after bearing and chains are all crucial to the effective performance of your KEENAN.  Another important aspect to consider is the condition of your paddles and rubbers, dulled or broken blades reduce the chopping capability and increase the time to produce an efficient MechFiber mix.”

David has been travelling the world with KEENAN recently, commissioning and servicing KEENAN machines in countries as far afield as Turkey, Greece and Thailand. In Thailand, for example there are over four million dairy cows, and six million beef cattle.  It sounds as if he will be servicing KEENAN machines for a long time to come!