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KEENAN in 2020: A year like no other

KEENAN production team welding

[BORRIS, Ireland] Established in 1978, KEENAN employs over 160 people in its rural setting of Borris, Co. Carlow. Over four decades in business, KEENAN has earned a solid reputation for manufacturing quality diet feeders. This focus on build quality has not changed over the years but has been enhanced with the arrival of new technologies. The KEENAN Controller synced with the InTouch feed management platform allows farmers to easily measure, monitor and manage feed accuracy and efficiency, herd performance, feed costs, dry matter intake and refusals.

Build precision

KEENAN pride themselves on their precision-built diet feeders, made from scratch in their production facility. There is no “flat-pack” or assembly line for a KEENAN! Each day, the skilled team of welders and fabricators take raw steel and convert it into a diet feeder. It takes time and care for a KEENAN to go through the full process, from initial design, through steel moulding, welding, painting (to their signature green) and fitting of accessories.

2020: A year like no other

In March of this year, KEENAN were quick to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Office workers were quickly despatched to work from home where possible. The onsite canteen was re-configured to facilitate social distancing during meals. Visitors to the site, such as delivery drivers, had to follow a strict protocol, including temperature checks on arrival. Due to the layout of the factory, the dedicated team of fabricators and welders were able to continue manufacturing work throughout the pandemic as social distancing rules were rigorously adhered to. The sales team, too, were restricted at times from visiting farms. Sales were made over the phone with remote valuations conducted on trade-in machines.

In April, a dedicated virtual showroom for farmers was launched. This online showroom is still on the KEENAN website and features videos of the most popular models, with different members of the sales team highlighting the benefits of each machine. It has since been translated to various languages for customers around the globe.

In June, the KEENAN annual open day was cancelled and replaced with a virtual mid-season sale promoted through social media, which turned out to be one of the most successful ever held.

Sustainability through adversity

Long before many of the world’s industries began considering their environmental impact, KEENAN has been pioneering in their focus on sustainability. This focus has not wavered in the face of adversity. The objective of each diet feeder is to reduce feed waste and improve efficiency on-farm. KEENAN is at the forefront of supporting farmers in achieving a carbon-neutral footprint. The company has patented several innovations that make their diet feeders not only safer and more user-friendly, but also durable and economical, which is more important than ever in these challenging times.

KEENAN would like to take this opportunity to thank their staff, customers and suppliers for their support during this year and to wish them all a very safe, happy and peaceful Christmas.