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What takes place behind the scenes at the KEENAN factory in Co. Carlow?

KEENAN Factory

KEENAN – based in Borris, Co. Carlow – opened the gates of its manufacturing facility to Irish dairy and beef farmers, along with machinery enthusiasts, earlier this week.The diet feeder manufacturer also provided a factory tour, in which visitors could see exactly how a KEENAN feeder wagon is built. In addition, as part of the open day, the company showcased some of its Keenan ‘approved’ range, alongside other machines – both new and old.

On the day, one-day-only special offers were available – including up to 20% off straight deals on machines from across the spectrum.

Speaking to AgriLand, KEENAN machine inventory manager Michael Doyle (pictured below) outlined what happens to a second-hand feeder once it’s traded in to the Carlow-based site. He also told us what it takes for a machine to make the ‘approved’ grade.

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