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The KEENAN MechFiber machines are unique in the proven nutritional benefits they deliver. Each MechFiber mixer-wagon is engineered to use a gentle mixing action to produce a light, fluffy feed, which is never over or under mixed. The MechFiber range is available from 8-28 cubic meters. 

Key Benefits
  • Mixing chamber containing 6-paddle reel with fixed mounted knives at the bottom.
  • The paddles gently lift & tumble the added materials across the blades ensuring feedstuff is cut to an optimal length without destroying the quality of the fibre. This is to create a mix with the correct chop length & structure for optimum rumen health.
  • The two chambers are separated by an exit door which opens when the feed is mixed & ready to be fed out through the discharge chamber.
  • The auger is housed in the discharge chamber to evenly dispense feed to the animals. Traditional feed mixers house the auger inside the mixing chamber, which can lead to physical damage to the feed, compromising the mix quality.
  • KEENAN Controller is connected via the internet to InTouch Daily TMR Manager software. This records & communicates ingredient weights, diets, rotations, mixing speed & mixing accuracy.