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Alltech IFM®: Feed Digestibility Testing

Improve dairy herd performance with a quick in vitro test

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Troubleshoot ration problems quickly

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Improve efficiency and reduce carbon footprint

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See performance gains backed by in vitro data

Don't let energy losses and feed waste negatively impact your cattle operation.

Alltech IFM® is an in vitro fermentation model for dairy cow and beef cattle rations that simulates rumen fermentation and allows producers to receive a customized report assessing a ration’s digestibility and potential for optimal rumen function. This nutritional tool allows you to screen your total mixed rations quickly and easily so you can more confidently make ration improvements.

Traditional nutritional models alone do not provide a complete evaluation of your ration’s true nutrient usability. Single-point evaluations do not account for nutrient interactions in dairy or beef rations. This results in discrepancies between the predicted and observed performance. Take charge of your ration and start getting the most out of it today.

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Verified by the Carbon Trust, Alltech IFM is an effective tool for predicting farm- and feed- specific enteric methane emissions.

Alltech IFM report benefits:
  • Helps you troubleshoot ration problems quickly
  • Identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Allows you to test and compare solutions before making ration changes

Resulting in improved ration formulations, better performance and increased profitability.

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Alltech IFM offers two report options to help you identify problems and improve performance in your dairy or beef herd.

Alltech IFM: In Vitro Ration Analysis

The In Vitro Ration Analysis is a simulation of rumen fermentation by utilizing real-time feed analytics and a dual pool mathematical model to deliver a dynamic diagnostic report.

This report helps you troubleshoot problems, improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact with measurements such as:

  • Volatile fatty acid profile
  • Undigested feed
  • Total gas production and more

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Alltech IFM: Yea-Sacc Value Test

The Yea-Sacc Value Test is a specialized Alltech IFM analysis that provides you with data-driven insights into the value of adding Yea-Sacc®, Alltech’s leading yeast feed additive, to your ration. 

This report allows you to see the cost savings and increased performance of Yea-Sacc before feeding it through side-by-side metrics, such as:

  • Available feed energy
  • Lactic acid
  • Expected milk production and more

See sample report


*Not currently available in all markets

Start using Alltech IFM in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up and send in a ration sample.*
  2. Receive your In Vitro Ration Analysis or Yea-Sacc Value Test report.
  3. Implement changes that improve your efficiency and profitability.

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*Online sign-up only available for North America. If you are based in another region, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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The in vitro fermentation model behind Alltech IFM is proven to help you succeed.


Alltech IFM how it works infographic

Feed samples are incubated using rumen fluid and a buffer system to mimic natural rumen fermentation in the cow. Feed samples can include concentrates, fresh forages, silages or total mixed rations (TMRs). As digestion progresses, volumes of fermentation gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, are continuously monitored using an automated system.

Alltech IFM measures gas production, taking into account all nutrients fermented (solubles and insolubles). Total gas production is separated into fast-fermenting carbohydrates (e.g. starches and sugars) and slowly-fermenting carbohydrates (e.g. fibers) using mathematical equations.

Estimates of rates of degradation of the different carbohydrate fractions provide additional information on the nutritive value of the feed.

Measurement of fermentation by-products includes:

  • Yield of microbial biomass (i.e. source of metabolizable protein to the animal).
  • Volatile fatty acid profile (i.e. source of energy to the animal).
  • Total gas production
  • In vitro dry matter digestibility

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yea-Sacc® provides the nutritional platform needed to sustain improved performance, maintain body condition, and enhance digestibility.


Optigen® is Alltech's non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source for ruminants. It concentrates the nitrogen fraction of the diet, creating dry matter space for more fiber and energy.


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