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KEENAN Open Day 2019

Submitted by jblake on Tue, 05/28/2019 - 06:40

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

12 - 8:00 p.m.

What to expect on the day:

  • Exclusive Open Day offers on the full range of new and used KEENAN diet feeders. Attendees will have the opportunity to view KEENAN’s complete range of diet feeders and speak with a member of the sales team on the day about KEENAN's new service contracts

Using efficiency to drive profitability during uncertain times

Submitted by rjones on Thu, 11/17/2022 - 07:35

Unprecedented increases in farm input prices, mainly feed, fertiliser and energy, have created a lot of concern for farmers. Predictions made early in the year have been further revised due to the conflict in Ukraine and its financial and supply repercussions. 

However, while farmers are worried, KEENAN believes that there are reasons to be optimistic too. There are many ways that farmers can increase productivity and efficiencies on-farm, while meeting their sustainability objectives.

Read the full article in the South West Farmer

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Submitted by cewert on Tue, 11/15/2022 - 11:04

Tractor collecting silageSilage inoculants to maximize nutrient and dry matter protection

We know that silage-making is at the core of what you do. However, not all of the silage produced will make it to the feed passage. From fresh crop to harvest and through storage, the feed value drops, as does the physical quantity of the silage — by as much as 25%! This can hurt animal performance and increase your feed costs.

Egalis® is a new range of high-quality silage inoculants from Alltech® that maximizes nutrient quality retention and reduces dry matter loss. This means you have more silage to feed, better silage to feed and fewer concerns about wasting feed. Through enhanced palatability and increased dry matter intake, Egalis contributes to more profitable milk and meat production.

The Egalis range of silage inoculants

Egalis drives quick and proper fermentation, which helps epiphytic bacteria control fermentation through the use of other specific bacteria.

The Egalis product line is available in several variations and packaging options for farms of all sizes to provide you the flexibility and ease of application needed for a stress-free silage season.

For more information on specific products, contact your local Alltech representative or complete the form below.

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Fermentation is at the core of what we do at Alltech, and silage-making happens to be the largest industrial fermentation process around the world. The Egalis range of products brings together our more than four decades of expertise in fermentation, utilizing strains of bacteria that were specifically selected by our scientists to maximize nutrient and dry matter protection and improve animal performance.

Together with our on-farm support team and through our range of analytical services, we help improve fermentation to produce quality silage, enabling you to hold onto more of what you grow, from field to feed passage.

The basics of fermentation

Fermentation is loosely defined as the breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms. In silage, a natural fermentation process, which takes place in the absence of oxygen, breaks down the plant sugars in the forage crop and converts them into acids. These acids drop the pH of the silage and help prevent the development of molds and fungi.

Keys to fermentation:

  1. A reduced amount of oxygen present
  2. Adequate sugar levels and carbohydrates to promote bacterial activity
  3. Appropriate composition and temperature and suitable numbers of microbial bacteria
  4. Proper harvest moisture

The role of Egalis

Suitable for use on all forages, Egalis efficiently and rapidly drives fermentation to a stable, final pH. It is comprised of specific strains of Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus pentosaceus, which work in conjunction to rapidly lower the pH to a more even and suitable number. This more controlled fermentation offers more consistent and better-quality silage for your animals, which helps you maintain optimal animal performance.

Benefits of Egalis:

  • Maximizes forage quality
  • Aids in nutrient retention
  • Reduces dry matter losses
  • Drives sustainable feed usage

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Feed Strategy: Send the right message about your company’s sustainability

Submitted by jnorrie on Tue, 11/15/2022 - 10:38

Sustainability is a global issue that affects all species in animal production, and it creates opportunities for companies in the industry, according to Patrick Charlton, vice president – Europe at Alltech, who spoke November 15 as part of the Feed Strategy Seminar Series at EuroTier 2022 in Hannover, Germany.

All About Feed: Enhancing broiler output and environmental sustainability

Submitted by jnorrie on Fri, 11/11/2022 - 10:56

As the livestock industry tries to limit its environmental footprint, increasing evidence points to the role that nutritional solutions can play in meeting such targets.

Mycotoxins present an ever-increasing challenge to global agriculture. Contamination of feedstuffs by these naturally produced compounds impacts crop and feed quality, animal health, farm productivity and overall business profitability. 

Click here for full article. 

Poultry World: Optimal gut health stops the spread of food poisoning bacteria

Submitted by jnorrie on Fri, 11/11/2022 - 10:42

Approximately 90% of all reported cases of foodborne illness are caused by Salmonella and Campylobacter, 2 families of bacteria that have been shown to have high levels of antimicrobial resistance. Ensuring gut health can stop food poisoning bacteria in its tracks.

Click here for full article. 

International Poultry Production: Using maternal transfer to deliver the power of selenium to offspring

Submitted by jnorrie on Fri, 10/21/2022 - 10:54

Since its discovery over 200 years ago, it has been well demonstrated that selenium (Se) plays a critical role in oxidative stress, reproductive performance, immune function and growth development. In general, plant-based raw materials (for example, corn, soybean, wheat) do not meet the Se requirements of modern breeder birds, necessitating supplementation.

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Feed Navigator: A nutritional approach to prolong the production cycle of aging laying hens

Submitted by jnorrie on Fri, 10/14/2022 - 10:59

In the modern layer industry, the single production cycle of commercial laying hens has been extended with the continuous improvement of breeding and the deepening of nutrition research. Now they can be raised to 90-100 weeks old.

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