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Press Releases

Alltech and Alimetrics collaborate on in vitro tool for estimating ruminal protein degradability

October 10, 2019

Meeting the protein requirements and improving nitrogen efficiency in cows under different physiological conditions can become more precise with the use of this additional  tool for diet formulation  

Winner of the Alltech Coppens inaugural Inventor program

Aqua innovator recognised for rainbow trout innovation at global industry conference – Aqua InDepth

October 29, 2019

Alltech Coppens has announced fish farm Tropic Ribarstvo, and its invention, a peracetic acid dispenser for trout farms, as the winner of the inaugural Inventor program.

Alltech Life Sciences announces breakthrough in diabetes treatment

September 20, 2019

In a breakthrough that may offer hope to the millions of people affected by diabetes, Dr. Zi-Jian Lan and his research team with Alltech Life Sciences have developed a possible alternative to current insulin treatments.

Alltech 37+® analyses new and emerging mycotoxins

September 19, 2019

New and emerging mycotoxins can now be analysed by the Alltech 37+® Laboratory. In total, five new mycotoxins have been added to the testing panel, bringing the total number of detectable mycotoxins to 54. These new additions further…

Dr. Karl Dawson of Alltech inducted into the Animal and Food Sciences Hall of Fame at the University of Kent…

September 17, 2019

Dr. Karl Dawson, chairman of Alltech’s scientific advisory board, has been inducted into the Animal and Food Sciences Hall of Fame in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at the University of Kentucky.

Alltech announces industry-wide survey on women in agriculture.

Alltech announces industry-wide survey on women in agriculture

September 10, 2019

​Launching on Sept. 10, this global survey, which will be conducted in partnership with AgriBriefing, aims to collect feedback about the barriers that impede progress and to identify the resources needed to ensure workplace equality. The…

​The Archbold–Alltech Alliance brings together two scientific disciplines, with ecologists from Archbold and ruminant nutritionists from Alltech, to understand the impact that cattle production can have on an ecosystem.

Strategic research alliance for sustainable beef production formed between Archbold and Alltech

September 04, 2019

​Alltech and Archbold Biological Station’s Buck Island Ranch recently formed a strategic research alliance to jointly develop beef management approaches, specifically to increase the quality and quantity of beef produced in subtropical…

​Evelyn Greene, president-elect of American National CattleWomen, visits Alltech Global Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.

Alltech announces partnership with American National CattleWomen

August 30, 2019

​Alltech believes that promoting diversity among agricultural leadership is essential for a sustainable future and that supporting organizations such as American National CattleWomen (ANCW) encourages the empowerment of women in the…

McCauley’s, Alltech and the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists announce A+ Award winner…

August 29, 2019

McCauley’s, Alltech and the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists (IAEJ) are pleased to announce the winners of the McCauley’s Alltech A+ Journalism Awards for outstanding coverage of international equestrian sport in 2018.

InTouch and UNIFORM-Agri collaborate to drive even greater dairy farm efficiency

August 27, 2019

InTouch, the award-winning feed management platform, and UNIFORM-Agri, one of the world’s leading herd management software providers, are pleased to announce an exciting new data-sharing collaboration, empowering dairy farmers with cutting…