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Alltech celebrates 25 years in Thailand

March 15, 2024

n February 2024, Alltech commemorated its 25th anniversary in Thailand alongside more than 120 industry partners and friends, including representatives from prominent agri-food companies. Left to right: Heng Aik Jin, Alltech’s regional director for Malindo and Southeast Asia; Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech; Jonathan Forrest Wilson, president of Alltech Asia-Pacific.

[BANGKOK, Thailand] — Alltech recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in Thailand alongside more than 120 industry partners and friends, including representatives of prominent agri-food companies.


In 1998, Alltech entered the Thai market. It was a time of financial crisis within the region yet Alltech could see the market’s potential and its increasingly important role in global food supply. Alltech Thailand began with two team members, and today more than 50 Alltech team members are dedicated to serving the country’s agriculture sector. An initial facility and warehouse in Thailand were established in 2006 and production operations were relocated to the current facility in Samutprakarn in 2015 to meet growing demand in both the Thai and Southeast Asian markets.


Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, reflected on the company’s long-standing commitment to the country and its partnerships with Thailand-based customers.


“Within Alltech, we are committed to Working Together for a Planet of Plenty. Thailand represents some of our most enduring examples of this effort,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “Together, with our customers, we have advanced the efficient and sustainable production of nutrition and are cultivating a prosperous world of abundance through Thailand’s agri-food sector.”


Steadfast in its commitment to providing smarter and sustainable solutions for customers, including feed mills, integrators and animal farms, Alltech continues to invest in local production while leveraging the best of its global network and knowledge to the benefits of its customers. These efforts have catalyzed rapid growth in Thailand’s agricultural industry, positioning the nation as a key player on the global stage.


Over the past quarter century, Thailand’s agricultural sector has prioritized enhancing efficiency and productivity, advancing aquaculture and livestock production, fostering value addition for agricultural products, and ensuring food security.


Alltech has forged deep connections and established significant strategic partnerships within the local industry. Its long-standing relationships with market leaders have allowed Alltech — and its customers — to grow and navigate the evolving agri-food industry.


On Feb. 15, Alltech finalized an agreement with Thai Wah Public Co., an agri-food business with operations in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and India, to collaborate on reducing carbon in Asian agri-food with precision nutrition, digital farming, waste management and carbon footprint assessments. This collaboration is the second formal partnership in two years to focus on sustainable farming in Thailand. On March 9, 2023, Alltech formed a partnership with the Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO) to pioneer nutrition innovation and sustainable dairy farming, leveraging global expertise and technologies to expand and develop dairy and beef cattle production in Thailand.


Dedicated to ensuring customers’ competitiveness and to driving innovation within the industry, Alltech Thailand remains committed to educating customers through seminars and workshops, enriching their knowledge and keeping them at the forefront of leading agri-food research and technologies.


Alltech Thailand and its 5,000 Alltech colleagues around the world share a commitment to supporting the agri-food sector in providing nutrition for all while supporting local economies and revitalizing the planet’s natural resources.


“Our devoted local team remains ready to provide unparalleled expertise to the Thai market,” said Jonathan Forrest Wilson, president of Alltech Asia-Pacific. “This reflects our dedication to forging long term mutually beneficial collaborations and contributing to the thriving business landscape in Thailand. As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to lasting partnerships remains at the forefront of our mission.”