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FEED NAVIGATOR: Despite feed mill consolidation, global feed production rises

Although the number of feed mills in production has fallen by 7%, the amount of feed generated in 2016 increased and surpassed 1bn metric tons for the first time, said Alltech.

FEED NAVIGATOR: A lot of companies in Australia look at environmental performance as a USP

Agri-environmental consultancy, Alltech E-CO2, launches into the Australian market and reveals plans for North American expansion, as part of a strategy to globalize its environmental assessment services for farmers.

PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN CANADA: Consumer demand and producer opportunity: Producing DHA-enriched milk products

Healthy brain and eye development in children. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Improved cognitive function. What if consumers could receive these benefits from a piece of cheese or the milk poured on their cereal?

FEED NAVIGATOR: Feeding cows milk that may contain antibiotic residues - what's the risk?

Europe’s Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recently published an opinion that milk or colostrum that could contain antibiotic residue should not be fed to calves. Alltech’s Dr. Richard Murphy shared some comments on this decision with Feed Navigator, including how this could impact lifetime performance of the calf.

NAFB: Global feed production surpasses one billion metric tons

Annual global feed production surpassed the one billion metric ton mark for the first-time last year. The 2017 Global Feed Survey released by Alltech Wednesday shows the figure represents a 3.7 percent increase from the year prior. The survey assesses compound feed production and prices through Alltech’s global sales team and industry partners. Audio with Aidan Connolly, Alltech chief innovation officer and vice president of corporate accounts. Listen here: Alltech Feed Survey Wrap.mp3

THE DAILY INDEPENDENT: Holy Family gifted new science lab

Alltech has gifted more than a dozen science laboratories to primary schools in an effort to inspire children to lifelong scientific curiosity. This is the story of Alltech’s 14th laboratory project.

INTERNATIONAL AQUAFEED: Next generation aquaculture feeds: Alltech's game-changing technologies

With the global demand for fish increasing, reaching a per capita consumption of 20 kilograms, farmed fish consumption now exceeds that of wild fish. The supplies of fish meal and fish oil are finite resources that are limiting the growth of the industry and are driving a continual search for alternative raw materials for aquaculture feed production.

FEED NAVIGATOR: Alltech algae feed supplements find Canadian approval

The two products that received approval last month, ForPlus and All-G Rich, provide producers a value-added feed supplement intended to complement or replace the use of fishmeal and fish oil in feed for dairy cattle, pigs and laying hens, said Stuart McGregor, Alltech Canada general manager.

PORK JOURNAL MAGAZINE: Exploring nutrition's impact on sow aggression

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In 2017, the Australian pork industry will voluntarily shift from sow stalls to loose housing, which will see many sows housed in groups. One of the biggest challenges in the transition is expected to be aggression between pregnant sows, which can lead to injuries and reabsorptions or abortions of fetuses. Lienert Australia nutritionist Cassie Dickson recently examined reducing aggression through nutrition. This article from Pork Journal Magazine explains what she found.

RFD-TV: Alltech Mycotoxin Management

RFD-TV: Alltech Mycotoxin Management
The Alltech® Mycotoxin Management team analyzed corn, spring wheat, barley and triticale samples from across Canada as part of the 2016 Alltech Canada Harvest Analysis. The results indicated a high risk for the presence of mycotoxins in total mixed rations (TMR), distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and silage. Dr. Max Hawkins, nutritionist with Alltech explains the results from the recent harvest analysis.