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PORK: C-Suite: Focus On Collaboration, Not Credit

October 08, 2021

Mark Lyons became CEO of Alltech in 2018. He succeeded his father and company founder, Pearse. In a partnership announced in mid-June, Helm Agro will provide marketing, distribution and technical support for Alltech Crop Science’s…


FEEDINFO: INTERVIEW: A Glimpse of Alltech’s Investments and Future Growth Trajectory

October 08, 2021

Alltech has reported circa $2 billion in revenue for 2019 and again in 2020. And according to Alltech’s President and CEO, Dr. Mark Lyons, his company also expects to record double-digit growth this year, and for all its market segments.…

Feed Additive

Feed & Additive: How do we verify sustainable animal feed in ruminant production?

September 12, 2021

People interpret sustainability in different ways. Hence the uncertainty and divisiveness the topic can create in discussions. In contrast with other industries, the agri-food sector has the unique position of being a solution provider…