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AGWIRED: Viligen is Alltech’s Newest Innovation for Pig Producers

June 08, 2018

Alltech launched its latest technology for swine gut health at the recent ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference and producers got to learn more about Viligen at World Pork Expo this week. Viligen focuses on enhancing gut form and function…

Rural News

RURAL NEWS: Green doesn’t necessarily mean more greenbacks

June 08, 2018

Dairy farmers running pasture-based systems on the coast of California have adapted their practice to produce organic milk. Click here to view the full article. 

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AMERICAN WAY: The Trailblazers

June 05, 2018

"Innovation can take many forms, as demonstrated by the forward-thinking approaches taken by these major Kentucky institutions." Alltech and its president Dr. Mark Lyons were featured as one of three trailblazers in American Airlines' in-…

What the Farm

WHAT THE FARM: Rebecca Noble makes better bananas

June 04, 2018

Lesley and Rob go down to Alltech to interview the people behind agriculture's future ideas. Today we talk with Rebecca Noble and hear how she is helping plants defend themselves against disease. Click here to listen to the full episode. 


GLOBAL AQUACULTURE ALLIANCE: Wide-ranging advances in aquaculture presented at Alltech ON…

June 04, 2018

Kentucky conference program includes aquafeed nutrition, sea lice prevention and RAS During an Interactive Focus Session at ONE18 in Lexington, Ky., Jorge Cordova, production manager at Naturisa, talked about how hydrophone technology can…

Real Agriculture

REALAGRICULTURE: Ear tag sensor-based feed program field tested on Canadian dairy

June 04, 2018

Production efficiency is said to be one of the biggest limiting factors in dairy production. So to that end, for the past six months, animal nutrition and health company Alltech has been researching and developing a new production…


AGWIRED: Earning Consumer Trust in Food Production

June 04, 2018

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity exists to help the food system earn the trust of consumers. Its U.S. counterpart has been working towards the same thing since 2007. Click here to view the full article. 


AGWIRED: Alltech Focused on Fish Nutrition, Sustainability

June 01, 2018

Scientists in the field of aquaculture are working to produce a premium product sustainably, and nutrition is a key part of that goal. At ONE 18: The Alltech Ideas Conference, Dr. Philip Lyons shared some challenges and successes of the…


PORK: Know your prosumer

June 01, 2018

This demographic is changing the way food is grown, processed and provided. "Prosumer is a term to describe consumers who actively become involved with the design, production and delivery of the goods and services that they consume," says…

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ALL ABOUT FEED: Mycotoxins in pigs: Impacts on health and production costs

June 01, 2018

Mycotoxins cause a variety of symptoms in pigs, and their effects may have long-term impacts on pig performance and health. Adding a mycotoxin binder can prevent estimated losses in daily gain and feed conversion ratio. Click here to view…